User workshops for the Ego-Development-Profile™

Deepen your work with the Ego-Development-Profile.


Deepen your work with the Ego-Development-Profile

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Share your experiences of working with the Ego-Development-Profile

Supervision of your work with the Ego Development Profile

Clarify your questions about the model and the intervention methodology

Practice recognizing the characteristics of the ego development stages more clearly in everyday life

Practice coaching and counseling situations with the Ego Development model

Exercises for self-awareness as well as concrete ideas for your own Ego Development

If your are a human resources expert, coach or consultant certified for the Ego-Development-Profile, you can delve deeper into the topic of Ego Development with our user workshops. You will deepen your knowledge of how to work with it in coaching, leadership development and management diagnostics. You can network with each other to expand your opportunities for collaboration.

The user workshops enable you to work more and more competently with the Ego-Development-Profile. This allows you to make full use of the many possibilities of this instrument.

To this end, we will delve deeper into selected focal points (e.g. interventions that promote development) and practice counseling situations that are critical to success. You can make suggestions in advance for topics to be covered, so that we can optimally tailor the program to your needs.

What participants of the user workshops say:

"The workshop showed me some completely new, interesting insights that I had not known before"

I found the Ego Development workshop to be complex, informative, appreciative and very professional in terms of the implementation and content of the complex topic. As a supervisor, he expanded my qualifications and at the same time my personal perspectives.

I feel strengthened when taking another perspective, which enables me to classify the explanation models of my supervisees in their respective realities of life in a different way.

The workshop showed me some completely new, interesting and previously unknown insights into Ego Development, which I will continue to follow with interest in the future. Further engagement with this topic is also very valuable for me in terms of self-reflection.

– Birgit Zinsdorf, Systemic Supervisor (DGSv)

"A great inspiration and help, as a sparring partner, coach and source of inspiration"

Learning and further development is an absolute prerequisite for successful strategy consultants. And yet qualitative growth becomes more and more demanding with increasing age and experience. Right here was and is Dr. Thomas Binder a great inspiration and help – as a sparring partner, coach and source of ideas. He has an excellent understanding of how to create the necessary ground and space for development. With him, I am able to determine new development goals in a continuous dialog and to strive for them with the necessary composure and perseverance. Amazing and deeply satisfying what became possible not only for me personally, but also for those around me.

– Gebi Küng, Switzerland, Küng Strategy Consulting

"In addition, he is very generous with his knowledge and provides extensive and high-quality working documents"

It is never too late to take further steps in personal development. The concept of the Ego-Development-Profile broadened my view of the cognitive and socio-emotional development of people – especially adults – which does not stop at the age of 25.

Thomas Binder conveys this concept in a very understandable way and supports (coaches) each individual participant in working out further development steps for themselves. Not only is he very committed, he also manages to establish an open and interactive seminar atmosphere. In addition, he is very generous with his knowledge and provides extensive and high-quality working documents.

As a consultant and coach, I took a lot of impulses with me for my own development as well as for advising executives and project managers. I can recommend the workshop to anyone who cares about personal development of people.

– Friedhelm Müller, Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Echaz-Consulting GmbH

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