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More lasting results with the Ego-Development-Profile.


The Ego-Development-Profile

Recognize your developmental capacities and limitations.

750€ (from 2024)

excl. 19% VAT.

Precise assessment of your current stage of Ego Development

The specific expression (early, medium, late) of your ego development level

An accurate and detailed explanation of your stage of Ego Development (thinking, feeling, acting)

Your structural identity position (i.e. how you position yourself in relation to yourself and other people)

Notes on your stage-specific irritability

Personal comments on specific characteristics and special features of your Ego-Development-Profile (Ego Structure Analysis)

Overview of the Ego Development model as well as its individual stages and what characterizes them

Ego Development Coaching Package Intensive

An intensive coaching program – individual, deeply personal, very demanding and highly professional.

This is for people in responsible positions and roles who really want to develop further, or whose function requires it in order to be able to deal more effectively with the complexity of their area or responsibility. For this we have designed an intensive coaching program that explicitly addresses the maturity of your own action logic and expands it in a targeted manner.

This is a one-year process that requires a clear commitment from the coachee to question themselves, to allow themselves to be questioned and to deal with their own current limitations. It requires the willingness to deal with difficult emotions and the courage to act in a different, expanded way in order to further develop one's own self and the associated capacities in a focused manner.

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