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More effective and, above all, more sustainable coaching results with the ego development profile.


Development-oriented coaching

With the Ego-Development-Profile™ as the basis of your coaching

you identify the stage of personality development your customers have reached

you can thus make current development limits concretely discussable

you gain insight into possible future development aspects

you are able to work out together what this may mean for the respective context of action.

As a coach, you can start and work directly with the respective ego structure and specifically promote the further personality development of your customers.

The Ego-Development-Profile in coaching

The stage of ego development plays a decisive role in many problems and tasks in day-to-day management. Even very experienced and comprehensively trained coaches often do not recognize this and are therefore unable to take this into account in a targeted manner.

Purely behaviour-oriented coaching therefore often falls short because the underlying limits of the other person are not recognized due to the respective ego development stage.

You can therefore use the E-D-Profile™ to provide additional valuable impetus in coaching. By locating thinking, feeling and acting from a development perspective, you can open up previously unimagined possibilities for your clients. For managers and consultants, a vertical perspective (maturity) is usually a dimension that is hardly ever considered.

The Ego-Development-Profile

Recognize your developmental capacities and limitations.

750€ (from 2024)

excl. 19% VAT.

Precise assessment of your current stage of Ego Development

The specific expression (early, medium, late) of your ego development level

An accurate and detailed explanation of your stage of Ego Development (thinking, feeling, acting)

Your structural identity position (i.e. how you position yourself in relation to yourself and other people)

Notes on your stage-specific irritability

Personal comments on specific characteristics and special features of your Ego-Development-Profile (Ego Structure Analysis)

Overview of the Ego Development model as well as its individual stages and what characterizes them

Certification training for the Ego Development Profile™

Find out how to work with the E-D-Profile &. directly promote personal development.

Next opportunity in Berlin (9 days):

1st module: 01. - 04.07.2024 (4 days)
2nd module (self-organized practical phase, with debriefing) (2 days)
3rd module: 28 - 30.10.2024 (3 days)

Learn to apply the I-E profile to others yourself

Delve deep into this fundamental aspect of human thought, feeling and action

Enrich your coaching, your leadership development or your management diagnostics

Our certification training course takes you to an old villa 40 minutes from the Brandenburg Gate

Comprehensive and informative participant documentation

Subsequent support and annual user workshops

User workshops

Deepen your work with the Ego-Development-Profile. Next appointment: Will be scheduled soon.

Share your experiences of working with the Ego-Development-Profile

Supervision of your work with the Ego Development Profile

Clarify your questions about the model and the intervention methodology

Practice recognizing the characteristics of the ego development stages more clearly in everyday life

Practice coaching and counseling situations with the Ego Development model

Exercises for self-awareness as well as concrete ideas for your own Ego Development

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