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More lasting results with the Ego-Development-Profile.


The Ego-Development-Profile

Recognize your developmental capacities and limitations.

Precise determination of your current stage of Ego Development

The specific expression (early, middle, late) of your Ego Development level

An accurate and detailed explanation of your stage of Ego Development (thinking, feeling, acting)

Your structural identity position (i.e. how you position yourself in relation to yourself and other people)

Notes on your stage-specific irritability

Personal comments on specific characteristics and special features of your Ego-Development-Profile

Overview of the Ego Development model as well as its individual stages and what characterizes them

Organizational consulting with a vertical development perspective

A new level of effectiveness for your management team and organization

The extent to which organizational changes bring the hoped-for success and this is also sustainable depends on many factors.

A fundamental factor here is the vertical level of development of the actors involved (especially the upper management) and the organization in which these changes take place. In our organizational consultations, we address this delicate development question for the actors in the process in a clear, acceptable and meaningful way for them. In doing so, we specifically link three levels:

The question of the Ego Development level of the central actors and their willingness to develop personally

the level of development of your functioning at managerial level/in relation to the management system

the existing level of development at organizational level

with the topics to be solved and goals to be achieved in the course of the organizational change (e.g. new departmental structure, new roles, different culture, expanded strategy).

This creates a new level of effectiveness for your management team and organization. Because how well the issues of your organization/your company can be solved is not without prerequisites.

Therefore, we work with you on your change issues and at the same time on the vertical development level 1) of the operating actors, 2) of their mutual functioning and 3) the organization as a whole to ensure maximum sustainability.

Management development with a vertical development perspective

Management development programs that create development – not just learning.

Many executive development programs promote professional and interdisciplinary know-how – but whether and to what extent this knowledge is actually integrated and used in one’s own personality often goes unnoticed: Thus, you may invest a lot of time, money and effort without your executives developing personally as hoped (vertical transformation) – and not just learning (additional information at the same developmental stage).

Based on the Ego-Development-Profile and many years of application know-how on vertical development, we design individual modules or complete management development programs for you from this perspective. This is especially effective for experienced managers.

It invites your executives to look at themselves and their stage of Ego Development so far

promotes their personal desire to really develop further

confronts you clearly and lovingly with your own Ego Development structure and its consequences for yourself, others and your area of responsibility

and accompanies them in the implementation of the identified development aspects in their everyday lives.

Increase agility and effectiveness at executive level

In addition, working with the Ego Development model provides effective support for board members and managers who have to manage extensive changes and transformation processes.

Rooke and Torbert summarized their research a few years ago in the Harvard Business Review as follows:

“Those who are willing to work at developing themselves and becoming more self-aware can almost certainly evolve over time into truly transformational leaders… Corporations that help their executives and leadership teams examine their action logics can reap rich rewards.”

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