Certification training for the I-E-Profile™

Learn how to apply the I-E profile yourself and actively and directly promote personal development.


Certification training for the Ego Development Profile™

Find out how to work with the E-D-Profile &. directly promote personal development.

Next opportunity in Berlin (9 days):

1st module: 01. - 04.07.2024 (4 days)
2nd module (self-organized practical phase, with debriefing) (2 days)
3rd module: 28 - 30.10.2024 (3 days)

Learn to apply the I-E profile to others yourself

Delve deep into this fundamental aspect of human thought, feeling and action

Enrich your coaching, your leadership development or your management diagnostics

Our certification training course takes you to an old villa 40 minutes from the Brandenburg Gate

Comprehensive and informative participant documentation

Subsequent support and annual user workshops

Two halls, a shaded terrace and a secluded park with access to the lake

From July to October 2024, you can take part in our next (now extended) certification for the I-E profile.

During these nine days (in three modules) you will immerse yourself intensively in this fundamental aspect of human thinking, feeling and acting – deep into theory and deep into practice. You will learn to recognize aspects of personality development and how you can use them to enrich your coaching, leadership development or management diagnostics.

Our certification training takes you to an old villa, 40 minutes from the Brandenburg Gate and located directly on the idyllic Pohlesee lake.

Two halls, a shaded terrace and a secluded park with access to the lake offer us a relaxed atmosphere so that you can immerse yourself in this elementary subject of human existence.

Our certification is for

  • Coaches & Supervisors
  • Human resources managers
  • Management developers
  • Organizational consultants
  • Mediators

With the Ego Development Profile, you can offer your clients significant added value in addition to the personality tests often used in coaching and leadership development, such as the MBTI, DISG or Reiss Profile.

What you discover, experience and learn for yourself

Our certification training familiarizes you with a complex and scientifically well-researched personality development model. This instrument has it all and will not leave you – or your potential customers – untouched.

We will therefore do everything we can to support you optimally and professionally in your subsequent work with the Ego Development Profile: Through our comprehensive and informative participant documentation, supervision opportunities or in our annual application workshops, in which you can further deepen your knowledge and know-how of ego development.

If you are interested in using this vertical development concept for your work as a coach, personnel or management developer, please contact us!

What participants of the certification trainings say:

"This experience left me very humbled and I took an incredible number of new impulses with me"

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you again for by far the best seminar I have attended in recent years. It was a great pleasure for me to deepen this topic and to benefit from your wealth of experience and your contagious passion.

This experience left me very humbled and I took so many new impulses with me that I don't even know where to start. I think I already had a certain theoretical basis, but I only really understood a lot of aspects through the seminar.

The seminar also provided a lot of development impulses for me. When I read the profile for the first time, it was immediately clear to me what I had to work on. Somehow I already knew that before, but not consciously. It's difficult to describe, but I think sometimes you don't realize certain truths until they're presented to you on a silver platter. But then they appear very clear and one wonders how one could have overlooked this until now. Thanks a lot for this.

- Dennis Willkomm

"Thomas Binder's deep knowledge and the perfect organization of the certification workshop are impressive"

I'm a consultant and I'm in the process of setting up a center for training and courses with new methodological approaches. As far as I know, the Ego-Development-Profile, as taught by the Center for Ego Development + Transformation, is one of the few models in the German-speaking world that is scientifically sound and free of speculative promises of salvation. It offers a far more advanced approach to human development than the familiar psychological models used in human resource development practices. Thomas Binder's deep knowledge and the perfect organization of the certification workshop are impressive.

- Mag. Christof Harrich, management consultant at the Institute for Brand Development (Graz, Austria)

“It has an uninterrupted effect. I feel like I'm changing my perspective"

I would like to thank you once again for the intensive hours with the many valuable impulses! I clearly feel that dealing with Ego Development and of course also with my own profile has set some things in motion in me. It has an ongoing effect. I feel like I'm changing my perspective. I find that very exciting. In any case, a very pleasant aspect for me is that I feel a little more distance to the topics that affect me and also to myself. And I'm sure I want to keep working on it. That's why I would like to have a personal debriefing with you on my Ego-Development-Profile.

- Karsten Kähler, Human Resources Management Hessischer Rundfunk

"I consider it to be the beginning and kick-off of a learning journey yet to be developed in this subject"

What I would like to say to others about the certification workshop:

Thomas Binder presented part of his life's work for me in four full and inspiring days. His enthusiasm and fascination for the topic of Ego Development and his experience in accompanying groups have opened up a pleasant and touching learning atmosphere. Right from the start, the curtain of "unknownness" to the other participants in the course was lifted. So that trusting contributions and encounters could fill the stage more and more - and that from very experienced colleagues. New, familiar and also irritating things were presented over the four days in such a way that I didn't lose my attention for a second. The documents distributed are very helpful and clear for further work. If you think that the certification course marks the end of your own learning journey, you might be wrong. I consider it to be the beginning and kick-off of a learning journey yet to be developed on this subject.

- Maurice Malten - Internal OD Consultant & Coach / Independent Supervisor and Agile Coach

"Now - after the seminar - I understand certain things and the connections much better and more deeply"

Many thanks again for the very interesting and intense days in Berlin!

Yesterday I couldn't help myself (keyword: "impulse control") and immediately chose your book ("Effective Counseling") as my Sunday reading and I have to say that I made the interesting discovery that I am now reading it with completely different eyes than before.

Now - after the seminar - I understand certain things and the connections much better and more deeply. I also notice that the seminar resonates with me and made me think about my life and my coaching and consulting practice.

Thank you again for that!

- Walter Hofmann

"Instructive excursion into my own personality and the stages of development"

Thank you again for the intensive and instructive excursion into my own personality and the stages of development and all that in theory with practical relevance. Very inspiring. Your knowledge, commitment and energy in the subject, with which you made all stages of development more tangible and gave us a wealth of work opportunities.

The waiting list was worth it! Unfortunately, I couldn't take part last year because I had already booked something else. I would very much like to be kept up to date on further seminars offered by you.

- Claudia Zeimes

Certification training
(9 days in 3 modules)

This includes two I-E profiles (worth 750 euros each), an approx. half-day personal debriefing for all participants, comprehensive and professional documentation on the I-Development Profile and catering on site.

For companies

5690€ (plus 19% VAT)


4990€ (plus 19% VAT)

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