Dörte Binder

Graduate Social Worker, Systemic Supervisor (DGSv)

I started out in various functions in the field of youth welfare, mainly in counselling, later for several years as a manager in the government office for youth welfare and part-time as a supervisor. I am enthusiastic about helping and coaching people and understanding structures. This drove me into training courses such as victim-offender mediation, NLP, leadership and change management. In the area of probation support, I have been advising and accompanying people “with heart and soul” in their development into an independent “normal” life for several years.

Since 2005, I have been working intensively on ego development, inspired by contacts with Susanne Cook-Greuter and Otto Laske. Since then, I have been certified in the Ego-Development-Profile™, attended many user workshops and, last but not least, completed several years of scoring training. I am always fascinated by how this perspective helps me to understand people more deeply in terms of their meaning making, how they feel and how they act as a result and how I can better support them.

Certified Scorers and Advisory Group

In our circle we are responsible for the qualified and high-quality creation of Ego-Development-Profiles. By sharing and supervising our scoring work, we ensure the quality standard that is mandatory for all of us. In addition, we discuss technical questions and topics that arise from our scoring, coaching and consulting work, as well as related ideas and concepts.

We share with each other our passion for the subject of Ego Development. All of us have undergone various longer process-oriented counseling trainings, are experienced coaches/counselors, and have completed (or are in the process of completing) several years of scoring training in Ego Development, which gives us a deep and multi-faceted insight into how Ego Development manifests.

Dr. Thomas Binder

Dörte Binder

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Dr. Dagmar Frohning

Dr. Alexander Leuthold

Mike Michels

Elmar Türk

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